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I’m a Signatory to the Ethical Author Code

There’s a lot of talk online lately about the role of authors, and their behavior online, especially when it comes to responding to negative reviews. As a human being, I can’t imagine how these authors can look themselves in the mirror after some of the things they’ve done, like literally stalking a reader who wrote, “I think this […]

Science Fiction Book Recommendations

As I noted in my last post, I’m on a reading roll. I’ve gone through at least a half-dozen books in the last two or three weeks. Interestingly, many of them have been science fiction. I’m not a complete science fiction newb, but over the years my interests have mostly been drawn to fantasy and its […]

Another Great Book from 2013: Extracted, by Sherry Ficklin and Tyler Jolley

Last month, I gave my top recommendations for books I read in 2013.  Well, I need to add another.  I finished Extracted before the end of the year, so it counts. Written by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley, Extracted is a young adult (YA) time travel steampunk adventure. I don’t read much YA, […]

2013 Wrap-Up: My favorite books this year

Crazy fact of the day: I read 64 NEW books in 2013. That doesn’t include the books that I re-read, and there were at least five of those. I guess if I have to have an addiction, reading isn’t a bad one to claim. Anyway, as I was scrolling through my kindle list this afternoon, […]