Chapter 1 Now Available!

For those that are still following my posts here on wordpress, you need to visit my brand new website at My latest blog post has the link to chapter 1 of Sanyare: The Last Descendant! All new releases and updates will be provided over there, so make sure to switch! If you have questions or concerns, […]

New Website

  For those of you who might be following me via wordpress only, I recently launched my new website at Please migrate over there to sign up for my newsletter and continue receiving weekly blog posts. Thanks!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all my readers! I’ll be out of touch for the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the best during this holiday season. I’ll be back in the New Year with big news, including the cover reveal for Sanyare: The Last Descendant, a brand […]

Revised Title!

For the last few months, I’ve been concerned about the title of my work in progress. I was afraid it was too obscure, and hard to pronounce, that the title wouldn’t draw readers to read the description, let alone buy the book. Now that I’m getting serious about publishing, it became imperative that I make […]

Favorite Lines from SANYARE: Chapters 11 – 15

Favorite Lines from SANYARE: Chapters 11 – 15

Good news! SANYARE is off to beta readers and I’m working on my next project, a short story set in the world of SANYARE. It’s a mini-prequel, telling the origin story of how the pixies became Rie’s friends, and providing a glimpse into Rie’s life as a young woman, before she earned her spot in the […]

Beta Reader Questions

I’m gearing up for the final push to get SANYARE to beta readers. There are just a few chapters left to edit before it’s ready, and my firm deadline is to send it out on the 13th. Lucky number 13, right? Anyway, to help prep the readers and direct them toward the kind of feedback I’m looking […]

Tagline Madness – and a poll!

As noted previously, I will be attending the Southern California Writers’ Conference in Newport Beach in September. I’m starting to prepare for the conference, sending in my advance reader submission and thinking about the materials I want to bring with me. As a result, I realized I needed a catchy tagline for SANYARE, a one-sentence hook that […]