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Tagline Madness – and a poll!

As noted previously, I will be attending the Southern California Writers’ Conference in Newport Beach in September. I’m starting to prepare for the conference, sending in my advance reader submission and thinking about the materials I want to bring with me. As a result, I realized I needed a catchy tagline for SANYARE, a one-sentence hook that will get people interested in hearing more about the story, and eventually buying the book. I came up with a few different options, but I thought it would be fun to have you all vote on which one you like the best. Do any of them grab you?

Suggestions are always welcome in the comments!


One comment on “Tagline Madness – and a poll!

  1. I’d go for something less complicated, say… ‘survival always comes at a price but is it too high to pay?’ or can she afford to pay maybe.




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